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What Is a Payday Loan?

Payday loans are small, short-term loans designed to help people facing financial emergencies make it to their next payday. Since payday loans are low amount and short-term loans (typically due when you get your next pay check) they carry higher interest rates than traditional, secured bank loans. That’s why they are recommended only for one-time expenses such as car repairs, replacing a major appliance, or unexpected medical bills. Trust Cash Mobile prequalifies borrowers for payday loans up to $500.

How Do Online Payday Loans Work?

Once you complete and submit our secure online form, your application is instantly viewed by our network of direct payday lenders only. Approved borrowers are typically contacted by a lender in under 90 seconds. All your loan docs will be electronically signed and delivered. You will not need to fax or mail in any forms. After the lender receives your signed loan docs, you loan money will be deposited into your account.

Payday Loans in the U.S.

Does Trust Cash Mobile Issue My Loan?

No. Trust Cash Mobile is not a direct payday lender. We help connect borrowers with payday lenders. Our application pre-screens borrowers to ensure that they meet the minimum standard requirements of our network lenders. All loan terms, including but not limited to loan amount, interest rate, fees and repayment schedule are entirely between the borrower and the lender, without any input or involvement from Trust Cash Mobile.

Can I Qualify for an online Payday Loan?

Each direct lender has their own criteria for which borrowers are or are not approved for a payday loan. Not every prospective borrower will be approved. However, if you are at least 18 years of age and a citizen or permanent resident of the US, and you have a verifiable steady income of at least $800 per month and an open bank account, you can qualify for a payday loan.

What If I Have Bad Credit?

A low credit score should not keep you from getting the money you need in an emergency. Trust Cash Mobile partners with a vast network of lenders who specialize in lending to borrowers whose credit is not perfect. If you meet the criteria above, you can qualify for a payday loan.

How Will I Receive the Money?

You will receive your payday loan funds via direct deposit. One your lender has received your signed loan documents, the money will typically be deposited into your account.

When Does the Payday Loan Need to be Paid Back?

Payday loans typically need to be paid back on your next payday. However, all loan terms, including repayment schedules, may vary by lender.

How Do I Repay My Online Payday Loan?

On your payment due date, your lender will automatically debit your account via ACH. You will not need to mail in your payment.

What If I Can’t Repay My Payday Loan?

Trust Cash Mobile is not a direct online payday lender. As such, we do not enforce payment on your payday loan. If you are unable to repay your loan, your lender may choose to exercise a number of options, ranging from extending your payment date until your next payday and charging you additional fees and interest, up to and including taking legal action against you and reporting your lack of payment to the credit agencies. Make sure you review your loan terms and discuss any late/missed payment policies with your lender.

Why Should I Choose Trust Cash Mobile?

Trust Cash Mobile saves you time and help get your money faster. Trust Cash Mobile is not a payday lender, but we connect you with payday lenders who want your business. Rather than you calling up dozens of lenders to find the best loan terms for your needs, you fill out one simple form with us and we connect you with the lender that will offer you the best deal. Apply for your payday loan through Trust Cash Mobile and you can be approved in under 90 seconds.